Classic Minesweeper game goes 3D on Android in Sweeper 3D

Minesweeper has been around for longer than I care to remember. It’s a simple game but a very frustrating one where you have to open up all the free spots on the board and isolate all the mines that are on it in order to win. This classic game has gotten a remake into a 3D version that was released onto the Android Market the other day called Sweeper 3D.

Sweeper 3D is just like the classic game of Minesweeper at it’s core but instead of having a two dimensional board to play on, you have a 3D board in which to try and isolate the mines on before the time runs out. As you will see in the screenshots below, this does pose more of a challenge than the classic version of the game.

How to play:

  • Numbers only count bombs with full faces touching them, not corners!
  • Click to clear a tile that isn’t a bomb
  • Drag the mouse to rotate the cube
  • Right click to mark a tile that is, but be careful: marking incorrectly gives you a time penalty!!
  • Faces that change are never bombs, in case you get stuck (which you will I can assure you)



If you are going to remake a classic game that was difficult enough as it was bad then at times, why not make it more difficult now right? Sweeper 3D comes with two different game modes: Classic and Levels. Classic is the closest thing to the actual real classic game of minesweeper as explained above. Your goal is to isolate the mines in the lowest time possible and marking incorrectly adds 1 minute to your time.

The Levels mode is where the challenge really is in case you find the classic mode too easy. In the Levels mode, it’s more of a race against time. The developer, David Geomans, explains it best:

The clock is constantly counting down. Thinking quickly will get you good scores. Time is lost for every incorrectly marked tile. Clicking clocks gives you extra time. Combos for quick correct clicks give you extra points. At the end of each cleared level you get an extra 30 seconds. Then a new level starts. The higher you go, there’s a higher chance of more bombs.


So if you’re up for a little classic Minesweeper-style gaming this weekend, you may want to check out Sweeper 3D. You can download it off the Android Market for free. If you are curious as to what engine this game was made with, it was created with Unity3D.

Developer Website: David Geomans

Android Market Link: Sweeper 3D

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