Close Cities Is A Triple Town-Style Game Where Kings Meet Puzzles

Close Cities

Close Cities is a new puzzle game on Android that lets you play mayor without the headache. Think of it as your laid-back path to being a city-building pro. Created by indie dev Juan Manuel Altamirano Argudo, who has dropped titles like Broki, Brainito – Words vs Numbers, Chesspert, Chessplode and DueLito.

What’s Close Cities?

Ever fancied building your own city but couldn’t deal with the stress of strategy and resource management? Well, then Close Cities is just for you. Your goal is to take the reins and build jaw-dropping cities piece by piece in various worlds as time rolls on.

You get an empty map, a creative spirit and the freedom to tap and drag to your heart’s content, transforming barren land into a lively city. Don’t worry if the thought of design and construction makes you dizzy. You don’t need to study urban development! Close Cities is for everyone.

The game isn’t just about laying down some streets and plopping buildings on them. You get to go on a voyage through different eras and places. Every new world you explore comes with its king-like figure. You also get 16 fresh challenges to conquer before you can claim the title of empire builder.

It’s An Urban Planning Fun!

If you mix up your shapes, it’s all good. Close Cities has a handy tutorial that’ll ease you into becoming a city planner at your own pace. Ready to build your dream city? Get the game from the Google Play Store. If you want to know more about it, you can also check out their official website.

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