Cmune’s mobile version of UberStrike FPS game still in beta testing

Way back near the end of last year, we talked about a Facebook FPS game from Cmune which would eventually be making its way to Android and iOS devices as well. Their game, called UberStrike, is a rather popular FPS game where players battle it out against each other across various maps, your typical multiplayer FPS game in theme.

Since our story we haven’t heard really much of anything in regards to where the game is at and if/when it would be coming out for Android finally. Back then UberStrike was slated for release on Tegra-based tablets with no word on a release for phones. This still looks to be true with the new information we have found out and the game is, indeed, still slated for release with all the cross-platform multiplayer functionality that the Facebook game comes with.

So where is the game after all this time? Well according to Cmune, it is still deep in the beta testing phase and they still doesn’t have much of an idea when it will arrive for mobile devices just yet. Of course if you want to play the game now, you can always hop on over to Facebook and check it out.

Official Site: Uberstrike

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