Cobra Kai: Card Fighter Is a Card-battler Based on the Netflix Hit, Coming on March 19th

There’s a mobile game in the works based on the Netflix Karate Kid spin-off Cobra Kai. It’s called Cobra Kai: Card Fighter, and it’s coming to the Play Store on March the 19th.

Published by Boss Team Games, whose previous credits include Evil Dead: The Game, Cobra Kai: Card Fighter is pretty much what it sounds like – a card-based fighting game containing turn-based tactical martial arts bouts.

In keeping with the source material, you’ll be able to choose between Miyage-Do Karate, which involves a lot of wisdom and balancing on things, and Cobra Kai, which involves kicking and punching people hard. It’s not clear yet whether these contrasting philosophies will be particularly evident in the game.

It is clear, however, that several characters from the show have made it in, including Daniel, Johnny, Hawk, Miguel, Robbie, Demitri, Aisha, and so on.

You’ll be able to customize your deck based on move type, card color, power level, and Wild Card, exploring the various card synergies to maximize your chances of victory.

The gameplay sees you trying to build up your chosen dojo by mentoring recruits and passing on your wisdom. There are weekly and monthly contests to compete in, a dummy to train with, and AI opponents too. Plus, there’s a Story mode and a PvP multiplayer mode.

It looks promising enough, though the real test for developer Gamaga will be in capturing the tone of the cult classic source material.

You can pre-register for Cobra Kai: Card Fighter right now on the Google Play Store.

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