Coca-Cola finally releases Crabs and Penguins onto Google Play

It’s been almost a month since Coca-Cola released their first game, Crabs and Penguins, onto iOS devices. Now, we have the chance to check out the gaming potential of a big company such as Coca-Cola. Thankfully, this doesn’t really feel like an ad game.

A game that finely mixes sounds and graphics, Crabs and Penguins sets sails on a big adventure featuring a crab that roams 6 levels, going from a beautiful beach to a “Jellyfish Jungle”. The main objective is to collect the items scattered both above and below the water. The score depends on how many of them you can collect. Higher scoring objects (such as pearls and the mighty Coca-Cola cap) are always harder to get, so you will be trying levels multiple times in the hopes of getting a better score.

For a game having around 200 MB of data, you’d expect some nice graphics as well as a big and complete bank of sounds. Well luckily this is actually a completely 3D rendered 2D game, with solid graphics and sounds that you usually find in the higher quality games currently available on the market.

If you get too lost in the how-to aspect of the game, you can always go to the official game’s website where you will find not only a proper Q & A section, but lots of goodies such as the game history, the official game clip and ringtones, wallpapers, a screensaver, etc. All of this is available at the low price of free.

Developer Website: Emberlab | Coca-Cola

Google Play Link: Crabs and Penguins

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