Codebrew Games Reveals Early Footage of Pocket City 2 on Mobile

Pocket City Android

Codebrew Games, developer of the hugely acclaimed city-builder Pocket City, has announced that work has started on a fully 3D Pocket City 2. In addition, the studio shared a snippet of footage.

The Codebrew team posted the following on Twitter yesterday.

That’s it for details, but we can assume that Codebrew will stick fairly closely to the winning formula of the first game. Originally released in 2018, Pocket City earned unanimous plaudits thanks to its accessible yet deep gameplay, mobile-friendly interface, and total lack of IAPs.

The gameplay sees you optimising road layouts, upgrading buildings, creating zones, and generally managing every aspect of city planning. You can even throw block parties, or hurl tornados at your hapless citizens.

Expect more of the same from Pocket City 2. But in 3D.

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