Combining Morrowind with Minecraft will get you Block Story on Android

Mash-ups can be a lot of fun whether it is a genre-based mash-up or a mash-up for two or more different games as a whole. You wouldn’t normally thing about the mashing of a game like Morrowind with Minecraft would be a good idea but as it turns out, it’s actually a pretty amazing feat.

Welcome to the wonderful world of Block Story. Developed by Mindblocks, Block Story takes Morrowind, or basically a game closely resembling Morrowind, and combines it with the aesthetics of Minecraft to form a mixed up block filled dragon slaying universe. Block Story takes the visuals of the world of Mincraft and blends it with the 3D creatures which happen to be from Morrowind.

There isn’t any crafting in Block Story like you would find in Minecraft, at least not right now. The Block Story world is rendered like Minecraft though with different Biomes, Hell, floating islands and is infinitely big both with land as well as vertically which makes for a very big world to play in. In this world there are over 85 different creature to deal with from Dragons to squirrels, from Megalodon to little lizards and everything else you can think up.

Block Story does allow you to build though pretty much whatever you want and the environment is destructible just like in Minecraft. However, like a normal RPG title, there are quests you can do to gain weapons, gear as well as leveling up and developing your character. There is quite a lot to do in this game regardless of which way you play it as.

Luckily the developer has mentioned that crafting, TNT, and doors will be adding in the next update. When that happens Minecraft: Pocket Edition could very well have a strong competitor with Block Story. This game comes in two flavors, a lite free version to try out or a full version for $5.00. If this ends up getting multiplayer (as in true multiplayer) it could be an amazing game.

Thanks to Joseph H. for the tip!

Developer Website: Mindblocks (Russian)

Google Play Link: Block Story

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