Coming to Android this summer: Spin Commander

If you’ve ever played the classic version of Asteroids, you’re already wise to most of what Spin Commander’s gameplay is like. Players control an arrow in the middle of the screen, similar to an encircled triangle, and need to dispatch the various objects that will cause it harm.

There isn’t much to the graphics, being mostly colored circles on lots of whitespace, but there’s a wrinkle to this game that gives it a contemporary twist. In order to change the direction the arrow is facing, players need to spin the handset as movement is tied to the gyroscope, and screen taps with fingers is reserved for firing.

This game has ten levels of increasing difficulty, the final level is an “infinite” mode, with the timer recording the player’s high score; with a “complete run” taking about five minutes, according to the developer’s press release, with the purpose being that of stretching your score and competing with others. The game also offers cooperative multiplayer, if both devices are using the same Wi-Fi hotspot, and each player controls the arrow on the other player’s handset.

Spin Commander is set to drop in June of this year, and will be free to download, with in-app purchasing allowing players to upgrade to a pro version, that will both remove ads and unlock additional content.

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