Company of Heroes is Coming to Android Later This Year

Company of Heroes, the classic WWII real-time strategy game from Relic Entertainment, is coming to Android later this year. 

The announcement comes courtesy of Feral Interactive, the developer that ported Company of Heroes to iPad last month. That version plays unsurprisingly well, with the original mouse controls a natural fit on touchscreen. 

Not Easy

Company of Heroes is a fast-moving RTS with a campaign that follows a company – either Able or Fox – through the Battle of Normandy. The multiplayer, meanwhile, sees up to eight players going head to head in skirmish matches. 

The iPad version of Company of Heroes costs $13.99, and Feral has revealed that it will become a universal app when the game comes to mobile. That means it’s probably going to cost about the same on Android.

Check out the iPad trailer.

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