Constellaris the line tracing puzzle game is now available

Not sure how many people used to do this when they were young but a lot of us used to draw this little puzzle where you have to draw a house, with a roof and an X through the square portion of the house with one line and no tracing over existing lines you’ve drawn. Well now there is a full puzzle game based on this concept called Constellaris.

Constellaris follows this same idea but instead of just a house with a roof and an X you will have to draw out star constellations using the same method. You can draw from star to star to complete the pattern but you can not draw over a line you’ve already placed down. This can end up a lot more challenging than the little house example we mentioned since these patterns are a lot more complex at times.

The game is pretty straightforward and comes in two flavors, a free lite version to try out and a full version with all 27 levels for $0.99. Hopefully the developer adds more levels in future updates but for now, 27 levels should frustrate you enough for the time begin.

Developer Website: Octa44

Google Play Link: Constellaris

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