Continuous running platformer Run Like Hell! coming to Android soon

Mass Creation has recently released a Wind-Up Knight style of game called Run Like Hell! on iOS and have let us know that the game is currently nearing completion of being ported over to Android. Similar to Wind-up Knight, this is a continuous running platformer where you have to slide, climb, jump and crawl your way to safety.

That’s about where the similarities end though as you won’t have a sword or shield to help you out. You’ll be completely dependent on reflexes and the ability to dodge hazards while making your way to safety. The story of the game goes like this: You happen to be on an island looking for treasure when you happen to anger the local cannibals and obviously do not want to stay for a dinner as the main course.

Graphically this feature a bit more of a retro feel to it than a game like Wind-up Knight but it works well for it and all the visuals are highly detailed. No word yet on just when exactly Run Like Hell! will land on the Android Market although by the sounds of it, it won’t be much longer of a wait. You can check out the official trailer above to see some of the gameplay.

Developer Website: Mass Creation

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