Cosmic Wars: The Galactic Battle is Available for Pre-Registration

Cosmic Wars is a post-apocalyptic space-based game where you get to build your very own spaceship. If you’re a fan of space, lasers and intense battles where warships try to blow each other out the sky, then Cosmic Wars could be the game for you.

Cosmic Wars: The Galactic Battle – Hunt the Most Wanted Criminals across the Galaxy

Cosmic Wars is a game all about surviving in space after a post-apocalyptic situation. There are no rules and no blueprints to tell you what type of warship you can build, just let your creative juices flow.

If you are a fan of pixel art styled graphics and weird and wonderful warships, then Cosmic Wars is the game for you. There are over 60 quests to complete and an entire galaxy to explore.

If you are interested in pre-registering for Cosmic Wars: The Galactic Battle, then you can pre-reg from the Play Store.

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