Cosmicube from Bit Breakers is now here to test your patience

There is a new maze puzzle game on the Google Play store from Bit Breakers called Cosmicube. If you have played games like Edge then you already have a bit of an idea as to what you can expect in this game. However, it is a lot more challenging.

Cosmicube tasks you to complete 50 levels by rolling a ball from the start point to the end point in each level. Controls are accelerometer-based so you will be tilting your device to move the ball. To make things even more challenging, aside from being a ball instead of a block to roll, you have no edges or anything like that making it very easy to just roll right off the edge.

Visually Cosmicube is very minimalistic with nothing but each level being rendered in a simple 3D form that gives it a bit of a retro feel. This game will definitely try your patience unless you somehow manage to blaze through every levels on your first try.

There are two versions available for you to download, a free version and a paid version for $0.99. Check it out if you like these types of games and don’t mind getting frustrated.

Developer Website: Bit Breakers

Google Play Link: Cosmicube

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