Counter-Strike meets Pokémon GO in Reality Clash

Reality Clash Android

Pokémon GO too childish for you? Doesn’t quite have enough guns, bullets, and explosions? Well, you’re in luck as Reality Clash might just be the game for you.

This takes the AR and location-based stuff of Pokémon GO but adds in guns and combat. You’ll seek out other players in the real world and offer them a duel when you find them.

Reality Clash has you fighting real life opponents in AR

If they accept, you’ll both enter a 3D shooting arena, and you control your on-screen character using your mobile phone. Crouch to duck in real life, move the phone around to adjust your aim, and tap the screen to fire.

It might sound ridiculous, but this actually could lead to some crazy fun when two strangers suddenly get locked into a shoot out. We’re not quite brave enough to do it, but there are those of you that are.

Interested? You’ve still got a bit of time to wait. Reality Clash launches on Android in October, so go and learn more about it on the official site in the meantime.

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