CounterSide Celebrates 6-Month Anniversary With Free ASSRs and 150 Pulls

feature image for our counterside 6 month anniversary news, the image features promo art for the event with 4 characters, there is a character sitting down as she places her hand on her chin, another is holding a gun, while the other two stand still, there is also a tall robot at the side, there is text that reads "150 consecutive free recruits, 10 free recruits a day, up to 150 free recruits!"

CounterSide is celebrating is 6 month anniversary as we speak. With tons of freebies in the game right now, it’s probably one of the best times to start! 

There’s been a little confusion over the “6-month anniversary” event title as the game has been available on Global servers for just over a year. However, it’s 6 months after the New Origin relaunch. 

For more information about CounterSide, visit the game’s official website. You can also download the game on Google Play.

CounterSide Anniversary Rewards

Let’s crack on with the real reason that you’re here. What exactly are the free rewards? Well, there are tons of goodies to obtain. The best thing is that you can get them whether you’re a day-one player or have just started playing.

Firstly, you can receive a total of 4 Awakened SSR units, which if you didn’t know is the highest rarity of character that you can get. There are 4 ways to obtain said characters:

  • You can reroll for one of them via the Awakened SSR banners – they all have a rerun right now!
  • Complete Episode 5 of the main story to obtain a free Awakened Hilde
  • Complete the event missions to unlock the Awakened SSR Selector (you have a total of 3 weeks to complete this!)
  • Use the code HAPPYHALFANNIV23 to obtain a random free Awakened SSR

You can also get additional units via the 2 SSR Unit Selectors and an SSR Random Ticket. But wait, there’s more.

  • SSR Ship Selector
  • SSR Operator Selector
  • 10 free pulls over 15 days – make sure you log in every day!

150 Free Pulls and a Discord Event!

The 15 free 10 pulls provide you with a whopping 150 pulls to use on a banner of your choice. Furthermore, the official CounterSide Discord server is holding an event at the moment, offering you the chance to obtain a free Skin Selector. 

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