Free Pulls and a UI Rehaul in the Latest Counterside Update

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The latest Counterside New Origin update is here, and it’s a pretty big one for fans of the game, as there are some major changes to the overall UI – and we mean major. In fact, it appears to come with a complete overhaul of the original UI, from the lobby screen to the start page. 

UI Changes

Firstly, the lobby appears to be different now, with the event banner now in the top right of the screen. The main content features are now at the bottom of the screen for easy access, such as the Mission button and Collection button. The UI for the Operation page is also brand-new, making it easier for players to navigate through the menus. 

The Mainstream also features up to date synopsis for every chapter so far. You can also access your current units and the enemy unit information much easier now – that’s fantastic news for players! This adds more simplicity to the process when trying to figure out who to place on your team depending on who you’ll be battling against.

The Substream now separates side story stages too, allowing you to easily navigate through and revisit old information. Additionally, the UI for events also has a fresh lick of paint. Event Shops are now easier to find, perfect for when you need to revisit the shop to purchase last-minute rewards. 

New Counterside Events

The latest event is also now in the game, “Capital Point”!  You can earn a plethora of reward such as SSR’s and Fusion Cores. Furthermore, there are certain units who are in the spotlight for this event.

  • Lee Jisoo
  • Ministra
  • Joo Shiyoon
  • Yoo Mina
  • And more!

Secondly, there is a new login event, or “Punch In” as Counterside likes to call it. This type of event is arguably the easiest among gacha games, as all you need to do is simply log in to the game everyday. From the looks of it, there are some amazing rewards up for grabs – so be quick as it only lasts until March 7/8.

From February 8 to March 8, every player can perform five free pulls a day. This total adds up to 50 free pulls if you summon every day for ten days straight – however, you can space it out if you wish to do so. Just make sure you remember to use all of the free summons before March 8!

For more information about the game, visit the official website.

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