Cows Don’t Fly… or do they? A new game published by Hyperbees

In the midst of the new wave of games coming with OpenFeint support today and the rest of the week, one such game called Cows Don’t Fly comes from Hyperbees, developered by Kiork. This is an original game with some great graphics, smooth animations, unique gameplay and good music to keep you playing it for quite some time.

The goal of Cows Don’t Fly is to climb up each level with your little character while grabbing stars until you reach the goal. While sounding easy it gets progressively more difficult as you progress through the game. As mentioned above, Cows Don’t Fly is part of the third wave of OpenFeint games so you get all the goodies you could want including online scoreboards and achievements.


  • 15 increasingly difficult levels
  • Great graphics and music
  • Easy controls
  • 2 game modes
  • Online scoreboards and achievements thanks to OpenFeint integration


While at first look you may think this game might be a bit too cute for you but once you start playing it you’ll realize it presents a pretty good challenge for both hardcore and casual gamers. As with any Hyperbees release you can expect great quality and consistent updates as with any of their titles.

If you like platformer games which have a bit of a twist in gameplay then the standard type of platform games out there then you’ll enjoy Cows Don’t Fly. You can pick up this game off the Android Market right now for only $2.35 or you can try it out for free over at Kiork’s website. You’ll need to have Unity’s Web Player installed on your PC browser to play it though.

Developer Websites: Hyperbees | Kiork

Direct Market Link: Cows Don’t Fly

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