Create a game using GameSalad and enter it for a chance to win $25,000

Developers and people who want to be developers now have a chance at scoring a cool $25,000 simply by creating a game that deals with the end of the world. It could be anything you want such as rampaging unicorns, angry squirrels or exploding donuts, it really doesn’t matter. Right now all you need to do is create enough gameplay to film a one minute video which showcases your destructive creation.

Interested? Well here is how to enter the contest:

1) Register right here on GameSpot
2) Go to GameSalad to download the Creator and the Unicorn Apocalypse assets – be sure to use at least one official asset in your game!
3) Create a video (up to 1 minute long) of gameplay showcasing your mobile game
4) Submit the video and your project file to GameSalad
5) Go to GameSpot the week of March 4 to see if you’ve won

That is it! If you are picked, you’ll win $25,000 to roll around in naked with as well as get the opportunity to finish the game and have it released onto Google Play for others to enjoy.

Website Referenced: Unicorn Apocalypse contest

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