Createrria 2 will finally be getting released onto Android real soon

Back in December of 2013 we reported on a rather interesting application/game called Createrria and that is would be coming to Android soon. Fast-forward to today and we now actually have an idea of when this will be launching onto Android and from what we can see, it has been worth the wait.

For those of you who missed our previous coverage, Createrria is a rather unique application/game which allows users to create their own games. Once you’ve created your game, you can then share it with your friends and other users who can then play your newly created title. You can make a simple game in minutes, or a complex one over time. You can also create different types of games such as platformers or puzzlers.

Createrria Features:

Level painting. Paint level with your fingers – simply swipe your finger to paint your next great game!
Graphics themes. Five great looking, distinct graphic themes (Pixel, Fable, Smooth, Eclipse and Candy) with ten different backgrounds!
Different mechanics. Craft your game – create platformers, aim-and-shoot games, flappy adventures and Rube Goldberg style contraptions – or simply mix everything to make something completely new with Createrria 2D sandbox.
Pixel art. Awake your inner retro artist and create stunning masterpieces with pixel art blocks! Turn game into art or art into game?
Avatars. Choose your amazing avatar. Feeling a bit Zombie today? Love block pixels? How about ginger cookies and cowboys?
Creator community. Just one tap and your game will be published to worldwide Createrria 2 community and Facebook. Your friends will play, like and comment your games, and you can play theirs.
Inventory. Hundreds of building blocks ready for your creativity. Terrain, blocks, decors, collectibles, enemies, various machines, teleports, doors and much, much more!
Share creation and play videos. Just beat the score? Had an epic fail? Created best game ever? Share video of your creation or play on Everyplay, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter! You can also add commentary for your fans.
Facebook integration. Log in with your Facebook account to share your creations with Facebook friends

Creating a game can be as simple as painting the level design out with your finger, then adding the different elements like traps, enemies, etc etc, and then you’re all set. Createrria also comes with a physics engine with it that you can use for different things, whether that be ragdoll or a more Angry Birds style of game. This is a sandbox app so you are only limited to your imagination and what you currently have available inside Createrria.

While the game is officially called Createrria 2, this is actually the first time it has been on Android. It may be the second iteration of the application itself though. Either way, if all goes well with the beta testing phase that is currently taking place, Createrria 2 will be landing onto Google Play on August 13th, 2015 and will be free to download. There will also be optional IAPs available as well for extra goodies to use when making your games.

We will, of course, post an update when Createrria launches.

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