Crescent Moon Games begins showing off some concept art for an upcoming game

Crescent Moon Games has begun showing off some of the first concept art for an upcoming game it looks like the company will be developing/publishing. Needless to say, there isn’t a whole lot of details about this upcoming game including a final and official name, although some suggestions have been tossed around.

The reason why we are reporting on this is because the concept art, done by Thomas Guillon (his Twitter and Portfolio), is a bit intriguing. Of course this is concept art and could completely change but so far it actually looks quite interesting with a sort of technology look to it along with very sharp lines and edges to everything.

“Shard Chronicle” early concept art

Unfortunately we would love to go into the details about this game, but we don’t know any of them yet including an idea of what this game will even be about or if it will come to Android. We do know that right now the title for this game has gone from ‘Shard’ to ‘The Shard Chronicles’. As soon as any additional details are released, we will post an update. What do you think of the concept art so far? Let us know in the comments below. You can follow the progress of the concept art as Crescent Moon Games posts about it over on their Twitter account.

Website Referenced: Crescent Moon Twitter

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