Crescent Moon Games publishes Greedy Dwarf and his epic red beard onto Google Play

Crescent Moon Games is on a pretty good roll with game releases onto Android as of late and today the company has published their fourth game in just over a week called Greedy Dwarf. This game is sort of a race through levels collecting gold type of title.

You’ll be playing as a greedy dwarf who is all about collecting gold. This is done by riding a minecraft through some pretty hazardous mines, grabbing the gold you find along the way. Level design is pretty interesting since you will need to ride not only on the mine shaft floors but also the roof and walls as well.

Greedy Dwarf Features:

– 32 beautiful 3d levels
– Different modes of play
– Dynamic music
– Two control schemes

This is a pretty straightforward game so picking it up and playing it shouldn’t take any time at all. Greedy Dwarf is available off of Google Play for free. You can also check out the game in action in the video below.


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