Crescent Moon Games releases Ad Cube, a test with something good at the end of it

Crescent Moon Games has quietly released a game onto Google Play called Ad Cube… or is it a game? What we know it isn’t, and that is it isn’t an Ad blocker or Ad removal software. Hell it isn’t even a game really. So what is it? Well it appears to be a test regarding ads with something very good being promised at the end.

It is a little modern day mystery of sorts. Opening up the app has you getting greeted with the goal of watching a bunch of different video ads. All of the ads are based around mobile games, so if you are already sick of Game of War ads and the likes, you probably want to follow the game’s subtitle which reads “Don’t Download”. After you watch an ad, a piece of the cube falls away.

What’s this?

Yes, this is an ad test which normally no one would care about. However, the promise of something very good at the end has people already trying to figure out what that may actually be. While the ending is apparently on the way, whatever is currently at the end of this test has everyone quite happy. We, too, were happy when we saw it, but we can’t tell you what it is. You’ll have to find out for yourself. We can tell you that you will need a little bit of patience.

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