Crescent Moon Games releases Nakama – pixel art and ninjas all over the place

A few months ago we talked about a retro-style side-scrolling arcade game called Nakama and that it would be arriving onto Android soon. Well that game has now officially gone live on Google Play and features all the ninjas and pixel art you could want.

Nakama comes with two game modes for players to test their ninja skill with: Story Mode which takes players through the game’s story and an Endless Mode to see how long you can last. The interesting part about this game is that what you do in Story Mode can help you out in Endless Mode. This is because in Story Mode you’ll be saving more than one Nakama who will in turn help you out in possibly surviving longer in Endless Mode.

Nakama Features:

– Moga GamePad support
– Spot on platforming controlls 
– Extremely fast skill based combat 
– Story mode with challenging boss fights 
– Endless mode with game center support 
– Graphics made entierly on the iPad (with Pixel Dude)

The controls are pretty straightforward as you only have to move left and right. There are a range of attack moves you can do by using a combination of jump, double jump and the two different attacks that are available. You will have boss fights to deal with as well.

If you’re up for some fast-paced ninja combat enjoyment, you might want to check this game out. Downloading a copy of Nakama will set you back a whole lot of nothing since you can download it for free.

Google Play Link: Nakama

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