Critical Strike Portable officially released onto Google Play for cross-platform FPS goodness

A game we have talked about in the past which is basically a tribute game to Counter-Strike has finally crossed the threshold of beta status and is now out in a complete version. If you are a fan of Counter-Strike then you’ll be happy to know that you can now basically play that game but on your Android device.

Built using the Unity3D engine, Critical Strike Portable, or CS Portable for short, was started by one young developer over at Studios OnMars which, after releasing the beta on XDA as well as on Kongregate to play through your browser, became a big success almost over night. The game has been in beta status for awhile now but as of today, it is an official release, shedding the beta tags.

Critical Strike Portable is a full MMOFPS game with cross-platform gameplay. Player can play either through their browser on their PCs over at Kongregate or on their Android devices. All the features of the FPS games from back in the day come with CS Portable. You will be able to host your own games if you want (complete with server commands like night time) or just jump right in and start shooting people. It also comes with in-game chat in case you feel like talking a little smack.

There are a variety of game modes you can play as well such as Team Death Match, Capture The Flag, Classic, Survival and even Zombie. There is pretty much every map you can think of from the standard de_dust maps all the way to the Simpsons house and everything in between. If you don’t feel like jumping into a multiplayer game, Critical Strike Portable does come with a single player game mode as well.

If you are ready to jump back into some FPS gaming on your Android device and used to enjoy games like Counter-Strike, you might want to jump over to the Google Play store or our and grab a copy of Critical Strike Portable. It will cost you a whole lot of nothing to download. If you see the name ExtremeT, you better run!

Developer Website: Studio OnMars

Google Play Link: Critical Strike Portable

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