Crossy Road update now includes Psy of Gangnam Style fame and plenty of style

Crossy Road, the super-popular Frogger clone released by Yodo1, has released an update to their game. This update is incorporating an element of Korean pop culture into what’s available, by offering a mix of new characters that players can opt to control. The biggest (only?) name among the bunch is Psy, the artist that wrote the song Gangnam Style.

This  update also includes a special “Psy mode”, where players can play as Psy and earn  bonus points for how long Psy can be kept on the dance floor. Players will also be able to hear some of his voice overs and dance moves, in addition to his likeness.

Beyond Psy, there are several generic characters that still have a Korean flair, such as “Korean Chicken”, Taekwondo Master, Korean Drummer, Jindo Dog, and more. Yodo1 has also added a new Gangnam district background, as well as a downtown Seoul subway station. Yodo1 is striving to cross other, real celebrities into their various franchises. PSY’s appearance in Crossy Road is the latest integration of a real life pop star in mobile gaming.  

Crossy Road Update Features:

· New game mode inspired by Korean popular culture with ten new characters and game modes to explore, including: Psy, Korean Chicken, Jindo Dog, Taekwondo Master, Pro Gamer, Korean Drummer, Korean BBQ, Kimchi, K-Drama Actor and Seonbi.
· New game mode background represents Gangnam district and subway station in downtown Seoul and appeals to K-pop fans around the world with new music, sounds and lights as well as Psy’s voice-overs, dance moves and likeness.
· New scoring system designed for the Psy game mode. Play as Psy and earn bonus points for staying on the dance floor.
· Support for Amazon Fire TV and Android TV to play Crossy Road on the big screen.

Yodo1 is working with other global brands to integrate their own IP into other co-produced games.”We reached out to Psy, the most internationally well known Korean, to see if he would like to become a part of Crossy Road, and we’re really happy with the way his character and the entire integration turned out,” added Henry Fong, co-founder and CEO of Yodo1.

Please take note, that while the update is free, the actual Psy character will cost an IAP of $2.99. The Psy character will only be available for purchase for three months, but once purchased, the character can be used indefinitely. You can check out Psy in action in the video below. It’s actually pretty funny.

Amazon Marketplace: Crossy Road

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