Crytek says tablets are taking gamers away from dedicated handheld consoles

Crytek, developers of games such as Crysis, have come out to give their opinion about the mobile gaming industry and that they will not be making games for the new PS Vita anytime soon. Why is that? Because of mobile platforms like iOS and Android being where the mobile gamers are going.

Yes you read that right. Crytek has said that it will not be bringing games to the PS Vita anytime soon simply because, in their opinion, mobile gamers are opting for tablets to play games on instead of dedicated handheld systems like the PS Vita. It’s all about the functionality of these devices. Mobile gamers are choosing tablets because of all they have to offer outside of mobile gaming instead of choosing a device, such as the 3DS or PS Vita, which only has one real function, to play games.

While it’s a nice achievement from Sony in the first step it’s not something we would take into consideration in the short term,” said Crytek managing director Avni Yerli. I can see that the multi-functions that devices like tablets offer is a big advantage of them. And I think people want one mobile device that can do multiple things. Considering this, I think those handhelds are lacking in that area and they are losing ground, actually. I think they have to be more innovative.


CryTek are not the only ones who feel this way either. Another studio, Heavy Iron Studios, came out the other day criticizing the PS Vita and other handheld systems for the same reason. Gamers no longer want a single-function gaming device when platforms such as Android and iOS offer so much more. It makes sense considering that for a little bit more cash than what the PS Vita will cost, gamers can have a dual-core Android tablet that they can not only play games on but customize, check their email, browse the internet and a slew of other activities.

Crytek isn’t leaving mobile gaming behind and last year they were looking for Android developers and even now there are job posting for Android related jobs. Most major companies are currently developing for both iOS and Android or, if they are not just yet they do plan on it in the future.

So what do you think? Is Crytek speaking the truth or is there a long way to go before gamers truly head to Android and iOS devices for gaming instead of dedicated handhelds like the PS Vita?

Website Referenced: GamesIndustry

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