Cube Escape Collection Is a Free Anthology of Rusty Lake’s Acclaimed Adventure Games, Out Now on Android

Developer Rusty Lake has just released an anthology of its existing Cube Escape games in a single free download.

Cube Escape Collection contains nine distinct chapters, which are also available as separate downloads. They are the first games that Rusty Lake released, setting a creepy tone that the developer has maintained ever since.

The games see you playing as Dale Vandermeer, a homicide detective investigating the death of a woman in a mysterious place called Rusty Lake.

What follows is a series of puzzles in a surreal, unsettling world full of haunting imagery and creepy characters.

The user reviews so far are gushingly positive, just as they are for each of the individual chapters.

Cube Escape Collection is completely free to download and play, with an IAP to get rid of the ads and support the developer.

Grab it right now on the Google Play Store.

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