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CUE Cards is an Encyclopedic CCG Packed with Features, Freebies, and Brit Humor

Collectible card games aren’t particularly welcoming for newcomers. While titles like Gwent, Shadowverse, and the mighty Hearthstone all have huge audiences, they use a lot of terms and aesthetic cliches designed to appeal to committed RPG fans rather than casual players. 

That’s a shame, because CCGs are among the most gripping and addictive games out there. And CUE Cards might just be the title that brings them to the attention of a wider audience. 

Thematically, CUE Cards – which stands for Cards, the Universe and Everything – has literally everybody in its crosshairs. Whether you’re into science, history, paleontology, space, the natural world, or any of a number of other subjects, there are cards for you in CUE Cards’s extensive collection. 

These are all lovingly designed and, in many cases, augmented with informative and amusing text explaining exactly what you’re looking at and, more importantly, what it’s going to do to your opponent. 

The aim is to overwhelm a fellow human by playing more powerful cards and utilising combos and other effects. As with any collectible card game, the path to victory lies in building decks that can deal with all situations, and playing your cards judiciously. 

CUE Cards’s gameplay is well balanced, and there’s a huge number of cards on offer, with more added all the time. But the game’s USP is its winning sense of humor, courtesy of UK-based developer Avid Games. 

Unlike every other CCG on the market, CUE Cards lets you use a tyrannosaurus to confront a baboon. It lets you put Loki, god of mischief, up against the Sphinx, and if the situation arises you’re free to put Sir Isaac Newton in the ring with a shark. 

On the subject of sharks, if you happen to have a tornado in your hand you can create a sharknado, one of nature’s deadliest spectacles. 

As you can tell, CUE Cards doesn’t take itself too seriously, which makes it a winner in our book. You can download it for free right now on Google Play (and the App Store). 

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