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Cultist Simulator is out right now on Android

Cultist Simulator Android

Cultist Simulator, the roguelike card game, is out right now on Android. To celebrate launch, it’s 30% off too, which is quite the bargain.

You play as a seeker in a fictional 1920s setting that draws a lot of inspiration from the works of Lovecraft.

Cultist Simulator is a Lovecraftian roguelike out now

Your goal is to create your own cult by indoctrinating innocent citizens. You’ll do so by performing rituals, crafting useful tools, and summoning spirits.

In gameplay terms, that involves collecting, using, and combining a variety of cards. The game doesn’t hold your hand though, so you’ll be in the dark for most of the experience.

That’s part of the fun though, and learning how it all works provides nearly infinite replayability.

So head on over to Google Play right now and grab this awesome roguelike. It’s going cheap too, at 30% off to celebrate the launch.

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