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Cultist Simulator launches on Android in spring

Cultist Simulator Android

Cultist Simulator is the latest game by Weather Factory, the talented developer behind Fallen London and Sunless Sea, and it’s coming to mobile in spring 2019.

This bizarre simulation takes place in the 1920s, and plays like a card-based roguelike. You’ll combine cards to tell a unique story in which basically anything can happen.

Cultist Simulator is an utterly bonkers roguelike

You’ll found a cult, recruit fellow believers, and send them out to complete tasks for you. These tasks might involve stealing, researching, and a variety of other stuff.

When your story inevitably ends (this is a roguelike, after all) your next character can carry on the previous one’s legacy, completing their work.

You can learn more about this utterly crazy game by checking out the official Steam page right now. We’ll let you know as soon as we learn more about the release date.

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