Cut the Rope and the CTRAndroid twitter account is not a scam.

Some interesting news has come to light earlier this afternoon about Cut the Rope coming to Android and the CTRAndroid Twitter account associated with it. Earlier on the twitter account they mentioned that they are not Zepto Labs, the developers of Cut the Rope which sent some red flags to a few sites.

From there, some people were reporting it as a possible scam. Something similar did happen last year when a fake Cut the Rope landed on Android which we reported about and was swiftly removed. However, Cut the Rope will officially be coming to Android this Friday as reported yesterday and as everyone saw by the graphic that was going around, it may not be the Android Market it is launched on. In fact, it won’t be. It will be another 3rd party Android market but the image gives it away fairly well that it will be an exclusive Amazon App store launch, even if only temporary.

The only other real option would be GetJar which is also a very strong possibility. The CTRAndroid Twitter account is being run by either the publisher (should it be Chillingo or another party) or by the actual market that it will be launched on. Throughout the course of this week, until Friday, they will be giving clues out on their Twitter account as to who they are and where Cut the Rope will launch so if you want to stay up-to-date, follow CTRAndroid on twitter.

Either way, Cut the Rope will be available for Android this Friday officially. Can you guess where?

Update 3:59pm June 21st, 2011: Well it won’t be on GetJar or Amazon apparently after their latest clue, any guesses now?

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