Dadish Developer to Release Word Game Molecano Next Month

Thomas K. Young, indie developer behind the much loved Dadish series of platformers is putting the finishing touches on his latest title – and it’s not what you’d expect.

Mole Mania

Instead of another platformer – or high score chaser such as Fowlst, also created by Young – this is a word game. A bold decision considering the competition, but Molecano looks like it could be a winner all the same.

Boasting the pared down but incredibly charming pixel art visuals that Dadish is known for, it sees you controlling Molene (a mole) around single screen areas laying down words.

You make these words from using a wheel containing 6 letters – which can be combined in various ways to make different words.

What’s interesting is that these words are then laid onto the level grid to help move Molene around, helping them grab power ups and items. So specific words can link to each other, therefore helping you access certain areas. 

Anything else?

There seem to be boss characters to defeat going from the trailer, and over 400 levels are promised – with more to come.

For those saddened that this isn’t Dadish 4 the radish father figure does appear to be an unlockable character too, along with Fowlst and, er, a blue panda?

No, this doesn’t look like an earth shattering take on the word game genre – but it does look to be a very chill and well presented slice of entertainment. Just like the Dadish games then, really. It lands on Google Play on August the 10th.

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