Daily Encounters and Free Boxes Are the Next Covid-Busting Changes to Pokemon GO

Niantic has been tweaking Pokemon GO ever since the world went into lockdown, to help players do their business without breaching medical advice or government edicts.

These measures have included giving players daily activities that they can do at home to earn PokeCoins, increasing the number of PokeCoins it’s possible to earn in a single day, and increasing the power of Incense. 

Niantic also moved to disincentivize visits to the Gym by reducing the number of PokeCoins players could earn at them.

The next move will initially be available to a select group of trainers, who will receive a visit from Professor Willow to inform them that he has devised a new kind of Incense. The new strain is guaranteed to attract a Pokemon every day. 

Alongside this Niantic is also giving select trainers, but different ones, access to a Daily Free Box, containing goodies. 

The changes will be rolled out soon. In the meantime, you can download Pokemon GO for free on Google Play. 

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