Dancing game fans now have one to play on Android called Dance Legend

If you dig dancing games from either your arcade days playing Dance Dance Revolution or something similar on your console system with Kinect or the Wii, then you will be happy to know that there is now a real dance-style game available for Android called Dance Legend.

Dance Legend is just like any other dancing game where you have to do certain moves to make your character dance. Instead of flailing around like a semi-deranged person half the time though, all you need to do is swipe your finger on your screen over the pattern that shows up, moving your finger over it in time to the music. This, in turn, makes your little character dance.

Dance Legend Features:

– The Hottest Music: Songs from some of the worlds best artists including Lady Gaga, LMFAO and Nelly.
– The only true Dance game: Move your fingers and master professionally choreographed routines using a variety of patterns, gestures, and swipes on your touch screen
– The Best Dance Moves: Learn to Dougie, do the wave, bounce your booty, and many more moves
– Dynamic Difficulty: The better you play, the more opportunities you have to customize your dance experience
– Amazing Graphics: Innovative 3D graphics and environments provide you with the most realistic experience possible
– Kick it up! Show off your dance cred by “Kicking it Up” to activate more challenging dance moves, get the crowd excited and change the environment around you
– Customize your look: Pick your style and customize your own avatar with fresh looks
– GPS Scoring: Test your score against the world or local hometown

Like any good game of this nature, you get to customize your dancing character’s look with various clothing. You can also try to get the highest score possible on both a local and global online leaderboard. Music wise you get a couple of free tracks to start playing with and additional tracks are available for purchase through in-game payments.

For those of you who are curious about TuneWiki, the developers of Dance Legend, they also were responsible for Lyric Legend which also turned out to be a fairly popular music-based game. So if you are up for enjoying some music while making your character dance to it, you can grab Dance Legend off of the Google Play Store for free.

Website Referenced: TalkAndroid

Google Play Link: Dance Legend

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