Dank Tanks is a cute multiplayer shooter out now

Dank Tanks Android

Mobile games that support real time multiplayer are worth their weight in gold. So it’s a good thing then that there’s a brand new one, Dank Tanks, and it’s utterly gorgeous.

You’ll choose from a variety of tanks that you can drive around a small arena, blasting your opponents in real time.

Dank Tanks is a real time multiplayer shooter out now

Battles take place in real time, and pit three tanks against three others. The objective shifts on an hourly basis, so you’ll regularly have to change up how you play.

Different tanks have different abilities, so learning which tank is best for the job is part of the challenge. You’ll likely switch them up as the game mode changes.

Sounds like fun? Of course it does! Head on over to Google Play to grab Dank Tanks right now then.

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