Angry Stranger Says Hello Again! Dark Riddle 3 – Strange Hill Opens Pre-Registration On Android

Dark Riddle 3 - Strange Hill

Another addition to the Dark Riddle series! Yes, Dark Riddle 3 – Strange Hill has just landed on Android and is now open for pre-registration. If you love adventure puzzlers and mystery games with a dash of humour and sci-fi, then this one’s for you!

Angry Neighbour Is Back!

This latest chapter sticks to the roots of what made the previous games a hit. Strange Hill has even more tricky challenges and juicier secrets than its prequels. It’s keeping the third-person view, so you’ll be snooping around, poking at things and doing some full-on investigating of the spaces around you.

Dark Riddle 3 – Strange Hill flings you into a not-so-average city bursting at the seams with odds and ends you can tinker with. You bump into some off-the-wall characters, including a shady scientist and an alien device dealer.

The deeper you go into the game, the wackier it gets with a bizarre bunch of creatures that could be friends or spies. You snoop on your sketchy neighbours to figure out their deal. In Dark Riddle 3, you’ll be sidestepping traps, cracking locks and barging through doors.

Played Any Of The Games In The Series?

Dark Riddle is a stealth puzzle game series with strong influences from Hello Neighbour. Developed and published by PAGA Games, Dark Riddle 3 – Strange Hill will be the fifth instalment in the series. Dark Riddle first hit Android and iOS in September 2019.

Following its success, they dropped Dark Riddle – Story Mode, which is a continuation of the first game. Later, they dropped Dark Riddle 2 – Mars and Dark Riddle: Scary Neighbor. If you’re eager to see what this one has in store, pre-register for the game on the Google Play Store.

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