Darkrise Gets Frigid with New Update!

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On April 28, Darkrise released a new update! And we all know it’s been a while. Let’s have a little looksie into what the new content looks like.

Two new locations present new difficulties and mysteries. Or you could take on repeating missions to put your abilities to the test and win rewards. Maybe take a shot at defeating the new boss?

New Horizons Are Here! 

The locations Snowdale and Forgotten Hillside have been added to Darkrise. Moreover, these new regions offer interesting scenery, foes, and mysteries waiting to be discovered.

The Old Grind 

Are you bored by quick one-shot missions? The devs considered those criticisms! This update brings repeated quests, currently exclusive to the new zones. Certainly perfect for gaining experience and loot for your character, these replayable adventures provide a constant flow of difficulties and rewards.

Additionally, with the release of Eternite gear, looting just received an icy makeover. These premium goods are made from Eternite, a brand-new, uncommon mineral. And for even more power, you can harden and improve your Eternite gear if you’re feeling very ambitious. 

New Boss Alert

No update is complete without a new boss to kill. The update also gives you the Glacial Swine, a formidable new boss that will test the mettle of even the most seasoned warriors.

Teleport? Nuh uh.

In addition, whoever liked to teleport straight to boss battles gets an unwelcome surprise. The makers have removed this choice, leaving players to traverse the icy landscapes and dungeons using the traditional method. Take it as a further challenge to get you ready for the upcoming great fights.

Now, you mages may go off with the terrifying force of Ice Spikes, Freezing Wind, and Ice Rain. Take a look for yourself on Google Play!

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