Darksiders II arrives on OnLive, playable on that Android tablet you own

Android tablet gamers who also own an OnLive account have a bit of a treat as Darksiders II from THQ has arrived onto the cloud gaming service and yes, it is playable on your Android tablet. In fact you won’t get any scaling down on the visuals either and can enjoy the eye candy just as you would on a high-end PC since it is streamed through the Cloud.

Darksiders II has you focusing on Death as your main character and apparently features four times the amount of content that its predecessor had which, considering the size of the first game, is a hell of a lot. The gameplay in Darksiders II has also been improved on with faster gameplay, deeper and more complex skill trees, and what everyone loves to get, a lot more loot to collect.

The game itself was released on both console and PC at the same time here in the US and apparently on OnLive as well. European OnLive users who want to play Darksiders II on OnLive via their Android tablet unfortunately will have to wait until August 20th, 2012 which is a day before the game hits store shelves over there. Like most games on OnLive, you have a 30 minute full featured trial to test the game out before dropping some dollars on it. You will need a controller to play it though, at least for now.

Website Referenced: PocketGamer

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