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Daughter: Strangeland Journey Is A New Indie Platformer With Neversong Vibes

Feature image for our Daughter: Strangeland Journey news. It shows a shot from the trailer, showing a wall with photographs of a girl and a man.

A new indie platformer just graced Google Play in the past week. Daughter: Strangeland Journey is a platformer with puzzle, RPG, and action elements, from small developer BlueFox Mobile. You know we love a good indie game here on DG, so we set out to find out what Daughter is all about and whether it’s worth your time.

In Daughter, you take the role of, unsurprisingly, a daughter. The girl finds herself unexpectedly in a strange land, so much so that it’s called Strangeland. The place is populated by other children in a similar situation to her. They woke up there one day with no idea how they came to be there.

A Stranger In A StrangeLand

Things were relatively peaceful, if peculiar in StrangeLand. That was, until a stranger arrived, the first adult most of the residents had seen in a long time. The man went in search of his daughter, and as he did, monsters began to appear across the areas, making the world a more dangerous place to live.

As the young girl, you set out on a journey across StrangeLand, interact with a bunch of colorful characters, complete quests, and try to uncover the mysteries of why you’re there, who the stranger is, and the events of your past that led you to this place.

Scattered Memories

In between exploring the world, you’ll find dark areas, with photographs floating in the gloom. Here you’ll find dialogue that hints at the wider picture. Something happened here, and it’s up to you to piece it together.

If we were to compare it to anything it would be Atmos Games’ Neversong, which was in turn based on the flash game Coma. If you’re not familiar with those, well that’s definitely a compliment in terms of style and direction.

Sounds like you kind of thing? You can pick up Daughter: Strangeland Journey now via Google Play.

Interested, but not convinced? Well, you can check out a free demo with the first two levels now via its own Google Play listing.

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