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Dawncaster, Monster Hunter Stories, Alien: Isolation, And More Going Cheap On Android

feature image for our dawncaster sale news article, the image is a promotional photo for the game, which includes the game's logo as well as a silhouette of a character, with the app store and google play logos

The Dawncaster sale is now on! Grab the deckbuilding RPG for only £2.29/$2.49. The original price is usually £3.59/$4.99 – though it’s not much of a drop in price, a bargain’s a bargain! Not only that but the game’s expansions are also included in the Dawncaster sale too. Take a look at the game on Google Play!

What Is Dawncaster?

Dawncaster is an exciting RPG game set in a demon-infested world. Collect a variety of cards and build your very own deck – there are 285 altogether! Upgrade your cards and transform them into a powerful set, allowing you to take on the mightiest of enemies. You can even combine different class mechanics in your decks, as well as enchantments and weapons.

You can pretty much tailor the game to your own liking. In the game, you have your profile, where you can pick your own class and choose your own talents. You’ve got the choice between a seeker, rogue, or warrior. 

Similarly to roguelike games, each battle is randomised, so the gameplay will always stay fresh. Keep in mind that you’ve got to be strategic with your combat abilities – especially if you want to progress through the content!

If you’d like to keep up with the game, you can follow the dev’s official Twitter page, or join the Discord server.

More Deals

Additionally there are a few other games on sale too! Our personal favourites are Meteorfall: Krumit’s Tale, Alien: Isolation, Monster Hunter Stories, and Grimvalor!

Monster Hunter Stories has a massive discount – going from £16.50/$19.99 to £4.49/$4.99. It’s the perfect deal for Monster Hunter fans, allowing you to play the game on the go!

The popular horror game Alien: Isolation also got a hefty discount, with the current price being £9.63/$10.99 – dropping from the original price of £13.13/$15.90. It’s a pretty great port of the console game, meaning you can give yourself a fright on the way to work.

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