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Dawnlands, A Breath Of The Wild For Android?

Feature image for our Dawnlands news piece. It shows an in-game screen of a player character aiming a bow at a huge, deer-like creature.

Dawnlands pre-download is available today, ahead of servers opening up tomorrow, August 9th. The new title from Snowbreak creators Seasun Games sits poised to drop.

So what is Dawnlands? I’m glad you asked. Dawnlands is a very pretty-looking open-world action RPG with building and crafting elements. You start out dropped into a beautiful and wide-open world full of wilderness areas, different biomes, and creatures friendly and hostile.

Into The Wild

You can explore, build, slide around on your shield, and hop on wild horses to help you get around.

You can definitely see what could be the influence of a few gaming greats in its design.

The comparison to the gameplay loop of Breath Of The Wild is definitely there, with a few elements of Valheim, and the kind of stylized graphics that might bring Genshin Impact or Honkai Star Rail to mind. Some of the monsters too bring to mind Studio Ghibli’s Princess Mononoke.

Certainly outside of emulation, we’re not likely to see Breath Of The Wild on our favorite platform any time soon. Dawnlands might ease the BOTW FOMO for a few Android gamers.

Multiplayer Co-op Awaits

Importantly, in Dawnlands, there’s cooperative multiplayer. You can invite your friends into your world to go on adventures, check out your builds, or maybe just to keep you company while you’re out scavenging for crafting materials.

You don’t have to engage with any online mechanics if you don’t want to though. The game has a single-player mode, as well as an equivalent to Minecraft’s Creative Mode that lets you make things without any pressure.

Sound like your thing? Check out Dawnlands now and snag the pre-download when it opens via the Google Play page.

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