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Day R Survival is a post apocalyptic RPG out now

Day R Survival Android

Day R Survival is an intriguing post apocalyptic RPG out right now on Android. You just have to survive in a world ravaged by nuclear war, radiation, and zombies. That’s all.

Easier said than done, isn’t it? The plot involves trekking across the remains of 1980s USSR to rescue your family. Along the way you’ll fend off radiation, zombies, and disease.

Day R Survival is a post apocalyptic RPG out now on Android

Meanwhile, the seasons will change, you’ll visit 2,500 different cities and towns, and explore a vast wilderness. It’s not in 3D though, but the artsy visuals look ripped out of a storybook.

You can improve in various skills that help you survive and craft useful items. You might need a few of those to help people you meet along the way, which offer you quests.

The best part is, you can play all of it online with a friend. You can fight, trade, and complete quests together. If that sounds good, grab it from Google Play right now.

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