Dead by Daylight Mobile Gets a New Training Mode Featuring Bots, Classic Ghost Face Outfit

Dead by Daylight Mobile, the portable port of Behaviour Interactive’s hugely popular asymmetric multiplayer game, has a new mode. 

Training Mode lets you play against bots rather than real players, with the aim of honing your skills for human prey. Crucially, it lets you get your ass handed to you without your in-game ranking being affected. 

In addition, Dead by Daylight has also received a new Classic Ghost Face outfit, along with a handful of other cosmetic additions. Ghost Face, in case you’ve forgotten, is the stabby antagonist in Scream. 

Dead by Daylight has been downloaded more than 7 million times on mobile since launching earlier this year. You can make that more than 7,000,001 times by downloading the game for free on Google Play.

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