Dead by Daylight Mobile is Coming to Android on April 16th

Behaviour Interactive has announced that Dead by Daylight Mobile is coming to Android on April 16th. 

Dead by Daylight is a 4v1 asymmetric multiplayer game in which four players assume the role of survivor, and one assumes the role of murderer. The aim for the survivors is to escape the level. 

You don’t need us to tell you what the murderer’s aim is. 

All Your Favorite Murderers Are Here

Speaking of which, the game gives you the choice of several celebrated murderers from the annals of fiction, including Freddy Krueger (Nightmare on Elm Street), a Demogorgon (Stranger Things), and Michael Myers (Austin Powers*). 

You can pre-register for Dead by Daylight right now. Players who sign up will receive…

  • Tier 1 (500K pre-reg): Weekend Shirt | Surf Tone; Hooded Training Top; Two-tone Coat; The Scarecrow; 2000 Iridescent Shards   
  • Tier 2 (750K): Watermelon Pants; Sports Leggings; Red Flash Boots; Marked Spike Maul; 3000 Iridescent Shards
  • Tier 3 (1M): Preppy Flatcap; Jogging Headband; Colorful Headscarf; Bill Overbeck; 5000 Iridescent Shards

*We’re joking

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