Dead by Daylight Mobile is Getting a Samurai-Inspired Cursed Legacy Chapter Next Week

Dead by Daylight, the hugely popular asymmetric 4v1 horror game, is getting yet another injection of new content next week. 

The Cursed Legacy Chapter features a new samurai-themed killer: The Oni. Oni’s backstory is that he was trained by his legendary samurai father in the way of the warrior, but lacks the crucial instinct for honor that characterises the samurai code. That makes him a grade 1 threat to life. 

In addition to this formidable new killer is a new survivor: Yui Kimura. Like Oni, Yui defied her father’s wishes, but fortunately this resulted in her becoming Japan’s greatest street racer instead of a cold-blooded murderer.

 The latest update also brings a new and improved Crotus Prenn Asylum, comprising two maps, and mobile players will now be able to access the new Summer Camp collection, featuring new outfits for Dwight Fairfield, Meg Thomas, The Nurse, and The Trapper. 

That’s all coming next week. You can download Dead by Daylight Mobile for free right now on the Google Play Store. 

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