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Dead by Daylight Mobile is Launching This Spring, With NetEase Publishing

Developer Behaviour Interactive has announced that Dead by Daylight Mobile will launch this spring on Android, with NetEase publishing.

Dead by Daylight is a 4v1 multiplayer horror game in which four players have to survive against a murderer, played by the lone player.

Dead by Daylight Mobile is the Same Game as the PC and Console Version, Just Tweaked For Mobile

Survivors don’t just survive though, they have to actually escape if they want to win. There are five generators that you have to power to open the exit gates.

You can’t combat the killer at all though, so you’ll have to sneak around and try and avoid it. If a player is caught, you can blind or stun the killer though, to save the survivor.

Meanwhile, killers must hunt the survivors and, errr, kill them. You can attack survivors to down them, at which point you can pick them up and carry them to a sacrificial hook, ending their game.

If you’re interested, you can learn more about, and pre-register for, the mobile version of Dead by Daylight right now on the official site. It launches this spring on Android.

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