Brutal Metroidvania Dead Cells Is On Sale At A Massive Discount

Feature image for our Dead Cells Android sale news piece. It shows the Beheaded player characters fighting with an enemy in a small room.

If you have never picked up Dead Cells, then now is a great time to do so. The rogue-lite port is currently sitting at a hefty fifty percent off on Google Play.

Dead Cells is a Metroidvania that originally released in 2018 on PC and various consoles. The game made the jump to Android in June 2020.

Successive updates added new content a little way behind PC and consoles, but you can be pretty confident any additional expansions hit the platform eventually, and there’s plenty of content to enjoy.

Don’t Lose Your Head

In Dead Cells, you take the role of a sentient ball of goo possessing a headless body and making it run around and use weaponry.

Your new body will take you on a roguelike journey through a perpetually shifting island of nightmares, full of hostile creatures. You’ll dash across crumbling ramparts, squelch through the toxic sewers and explore desolate fishing villages as you search for those responsible for the state of the island.

The slimy entity that possesses bodies can’t die, but the cadavers it uses to get around can and will get torn apart. This forces the creature to slink back to the prison area it came from, while the halls of the island shift around. Therein lies the roguelike nature of the game.

Death Is Only The Beginning

Things will change from run to run, but you can unlock powers that will make things easier in the long run. New weapons broaden your potential options and become available in shops along the route. Traps are also available for inflicting damage without having to lift a finger.

Each time you die, you will start at the beginning, but you will build up skills and resources that let you make more progress the next time.

If you’re itching for something fast-paced, tough, and darkly amusing, then Dead Cells is definitely worth your time, especially for the current price.

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