Death Come True, the FMV from the Creator of Danganronpa, Is Coming to Android This Month

Death Come True was first announced last year. Developed by Too Kyo Games, Izanagi Games, and Danganronpa creator Kazutaka Kodaka, it’s an interesting-looking FMV game with an apparently disturbing theme based on the trailer. 

This won’t be a surprise to players of Danganronpa, which is all about a hostage situation in a school where the hostage-taker makes release conditional on murdering a fellow student and getting away with it.

Originally due to launch on PS4, Switch, iOS, Android, and Switch, the game has apparently encountered a few hurdles. Unusually, the upshot is that it will come to mobile and switch first, before arriving on PS4 and PC a while later. 

It’s going to cost 1960 Yen in Japan, which equates to around $18. You can decide whether it’s worth that relatively high price on June 25th.

Source: Touch Arcade

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