Death Worm, the Classic Casual Arcade Game, is 99c Right Now on Android

Death Worm, from Play Creek, is 99c right now on the Google Play Store, down from its usual price of $2.99.

Originally released nearly a decade ago, in January 2011, Death Worm is an early touchscreen casual arcade game in which you play as a giant bobbit worm-esque monster tunnelling underground and leaping through the air eating as many hapless life forms as possible.

Despite its age, Death Worm has stood the test of time thanks to its intuitive touchscreen gameplay and truly revolting premise. You’ll eat and destroy stuff across a variety of environments, including jungle, city, desert, and so on. It’s like Rampage for the Angry Birds generation.

There are several different modes, too, including straight up blitz, survival, and campaign. It’s a fun premise, well-executed, and an interesting peek at the relatively early days of mobile gaming.

You can download Death Worm for a buck right now on the Google Play Store.

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