Deep Silver FISHLABS reveals when the global launch of their Instagram-focused game Clashtag will happen

Deep Silver FISHLABS and ISBIT Games have released a new game on Android today called Clashtag, but only in certain regions right now. The global launch for this game will be happening later this Summer. This isn’t your typical game though. This is a social game built around Instagram, and is actually a series of mini-games that you compete in against other people.

Clashtag features a variety of mini-games such as Puzzle, Fill The Gap, and  Most Likes?. However, regardless of which game you decide to participate in, all of the mini-games center around images pulled from Instagram’s live feed. What this means is that no two rounds will ever be the same, since the content within each round is based off of whatever happens to be on Instagram’s live feed at that particular time.

Clashtag Features:

• Duel your friends and fellow Instagrammers in a unique selection of addictive mini games
• Submit your own hashtags for a truly personalized Instagram experience
• Upload, share and play with your own pictures to get new followers and likes
• Earn fame and boost your profile by climbing up the hashtag leaderboards
• Add swag to your account by earning player titles and other goodies as rewards for the completion of fun and challenging achievements
• Browse, discover and “like” the pictures you played with and even follow other Instagrammers directly from within the app
• Chat with other players via Clashtag’s integrated messaging system to stay in touch with old friends and make new ones

Players can also create their own content for Clashtag. This is done by “uploading your own images and defining the hashtags on the basis of which the motifs of the individual game rounds are picked”.  In set other words, you upload images and the hashtags you set with those images will be used in determining which mini-games they will appear in while visible on the live feed.

While Clashtag will be launching on Android globally later this Summer, if you happen to live in Sweden, Norway, Denmark or Finland, you can download this game now off of Google Play for free. There are optional IAPs included.

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